Increased Accuracy at School Events With OneTap


Los Alamitos High School is a public school for grades 9 to 12 located in Los Alamitos, California. It is the only traditional high school in the Los Alamitos Unified School District. Los Alamitos High School is known for its success in many Varsity sports and offers a great variety of extracurricular activities including different sports and student clubs and associations.

The Challenge

Event organization is a challenge in itself. It becomes even more of a challenge, when you have to manage nearly 650 high school students for a trip.

Our client Ann Gunvalsen Saks, a volunteer at Los Alamitos Highschool was faced with the challenge of organizing an event for the senior students of the school. As an event called “grad night” - a special activity night for senior students only - the school committee was choosing a trip to Disneyland and California adventure parks.

Now, when you have to organize the transportation and safety of 643 senior students, organization in school attendance is key. The amount of students also meant that the school had to rent 13 buses just for transportation. This left her with several challenges which the school needed to overcome:

  • With a group of this size, the only real option for the school was to rent 13 buses. Now imagine… How do you make sure everyone is always checked in? How do you organize the lists? Having detailed information of the high schoolers and proper event attendance tracking in place was one challenge to overcome.
  • Let‘s continue this scenario from above. Imagine you had tons of paper lists for check-ins. Most likely, with 13 buses, some of the students enter a bus that‘s not assigned to them. This then means the other buses can‘t leave. As a result, the entire event gets delayed. It‘s close to impossible to keep a good oversight without a school attendance tracker for students.
  • When Ann Gunvalsen Saks searched for a digital attendance tracking app, she had to consider her volunteers. While some people understand technology well, not everyone is tech savvy. What happens if one member of your team can‘t understand the app? As Ann said “If you have an app and your least tech savvy volunteer can't use it, it’s useless.”
  • And of course, the main challenge throughout the entire “grad night” event was the security of the students. If you have to ensure the safety of over 640 people who are wandering around amusement parks, you want to make sure you do the best you can to ensure their safety. Therefore it was incredibly important to also have their parents‘ phone numbers at hand just in case.

The Solution

For the school, the most important issue was finding a digital solution that would increase the accuracy over staples of paper attendance sheets while offering an affordable solution.

After comparing several check-in softwares as well as student attendance softwares, the school found their solution in OneTap.

Before choosing OneTap, they were searching for an event attendance tracking app that wouldn’t be complicated. Many of the volunteers weren’t tech savvy, so it was important to find something that was simple, yet had all necessary tools needed.

OneTap was exactly that.

At OneTap, we focus on only one thing, and we do it really well. So it was no surprise that OneTap‘s simplicity was a key factor for its success in this case.

With our app, you are able to enter relevant information, use QR codes or manual entry to load your information into the app. Under each person‘s name, you also have the space to add additional information or phone numbers.

As an organizer of an event covering 643 people, Ann Gunvalsen Saks found that OneTap offered the best value while maintaining a fair price.

Even towards the end of the event and afterwards, OneTap was the best solution for the school event. All data was synchronized and available to everyone, which means there was no stressful collection and comparison of students attendance lists or missing information sheets.

The Results

The main benefit which the school experienced was a smoothness and safe event for all their students.

Before using OneTap as an event tracking software, the organization of school events was often chaotic. While the school had to rely on paperwork for the attendance, several teachers had their own lists as well. Using OneTap made the organization so much easier, because all relevant information was collected in one place, accessible for everyone.

“The main benefit is the organization and more accurate data.” -Ann Gunvalsen Saks

Using our software made it very easy to enter information into the app, and track students who came late. When students didn’t check out, the parents‘ phone numbers were saved under their profile, which made it very easy to reach out to them as well.

As an organizer, Ann Gunvalsen Saks had to make sure the event tracking app she chose was easy to use. As she says “It was great because it was very simple. And a lot of people who weren‘t computer savvy were able to figure it out.”

Overall, OneTap helped make the event more organized for both the school and its students. Using paper sheets and school attendance tracker excel sheets to check in the students results in time delays, stress and chaos. For Los Alamitos High School, the check-in process is now easier than ever, and the school is looking forward to using OneTap as an event tracking software for sports events as well as other student events at their high school.

“Usability was perfect and easy.” - Ann Gunvalsen Saks

Have you ever had the struggle of organizing an event, but losing valuable time and resources trying to figure out how to check everyone in and out without panicking?

You no longer have to rely on sheets that go missing later or expensive softwares that don‘t do what you need…

If you need help and are looking for an event tracking software that fits your needs, create a free account now or book a demo, and we‘ll show you how to make your life easier.