Increasing Security at Everwalk Tours with OneTap

  „It made people feel like we got their back.“


Everwalk is a non-profit Organisation with the purpose to raise awareness for health issues. The Organisation was founded by Diana Nyad - a professional swimmer and speaker best known for her swims from Havana, Cuba to Key West, Florida - and Bonnie Stoll. Together they organize walking journeys to improve wellness and health worldwide. EverWalk wants to encourage everyone to walk. As part of their mission, they now have Everwalk ambassadors who lead groups of people in the United States on journey and walking tours across the nation.

The Challenge

Organizing events for groups between 50-100 people is challenging. To succeed, having efficient logistics in place is crucial.

Bob Alei was facing that challenge. As an ambassador for Everwalk, he organizes walking events and so-called „tours“ for members. Those tours usually last several days and take place in various locations all over the United States.

During this time, it‘s the ambassador‘s responsibility to organize group activities and implement the walking tours. The challenge for Everwalk is that the group doesn‘t stay in one place, though. During those walking tours, events happen in multiple locations, which makes attendee tracking an important task. But without an efficient system in place, the non-profit was facing several challenges.

  1. Using the common „old-school“ method of tracking everyone‘s attendance on paper, often means you spend your time decoding someone else‘s handwriting and sorting papers, figuring out how to categorize the participants. This leads to confusion, wasting valuable time, and frustration.
  2. Have you ever lost anything? We all do at some point, it‘s human. But what happens if you lose the attendance sheet, or other important paperwork? It happens so quickly, and the impact of lost paperwork can ruin an entire event.
  3. Naturally, at sports events, there is always the chance of someone getting injured. It becomes a problem for the rest of the group, if no one is able to track that person and their location. Even worse, what if a person gets lost and is nowhere to be found? Without an efficient system that has all important data in one place, event tracking becomes an even bigger challenge.
  4. As an organization that strives to grow and expand, having relevant data at hand is important for strategizing and planning. Recording your data manually takes a lot of time and leaves room for mistakes.

The Solution

For the organizers, a major challenge they faced was finding the right participant tracking software for their needs. Most event tracking softwares found previously were focused on big companies.

Similar to a student tracking software, Everwalk needed a software that would fit a group size of less that 100 people. It wasn‘t until Everwalk found OneTap that the non-profit started saving time and having a clear overview of their participants. OneTap makes it easy to enter each participant‘s information. You can enter their data, or have a QR code available for scanning. This method reduces the waiting time for everyone and makes events more enjoyable.

Did you ever face the problem that someone else had the participant list or you couldn’t find it?

Using OneTap means you‘ll have all your information in one place, easily accessible to the people who need it. Used as an attendee tracking software, it has the benefit of adding as much relevant information as you need. You can not only track attendance but also record check-in and check-out times, GPS location, signatures, and survey responses. This means that using OneTap as a tool delivers more insight and data than manual check-ins can do.

While using it, you create a database of profiles. If you want, you can also add relevant information into each profile, helping you to make every experience more personable for your attendees.

Using this participant tracking software also helps you after events. Having all information synchronized has never been easier and quicker! Your data can simply be exported into different file formats, saving the user time and making an overview easily accessible.

Any organization that aims to grow in size and impact, needs to understand it‘s data to analyze and strategize. OneTap makes data collection fast and easy, while offering you additional tools you can use for your benefit.

The Results

The key outcome was the positive transformation of Everwalk‘s event tracking experience.

Understanding participant data, and having a clear and simple overview of it made the entire experience easier to handle and enjoyable for Everwalk‘s ambassador Bob Alei.

First off, the initial check-in for the walking event was seamless and quick, compared to the old method of manual data recording. Having relevant information always available to the organizers brought a lot of clarity. If anyone was sick or injured and couldn’t participate, it didn‘t take long to have their information at hand. Due to the personalized profile each participant gets in the software, it only took seconds to reach attendees and ensure no delays or frustration.

From the participants‘ point of view, it was pointed out that OneTap was a tracking software that wasn‘t intrusive into their privacy.

Everyone felt very taken care of, knowing that the organizers used a tool that doesn‘t allow anyone to be unaccounted for. Despite the high level of functionality the app had great usability and was very easy to understand.

„Your product is worth it“ - Bob Alei

Overall, OneTap helped to make the experience not only better for the organizers, but also for all participants. The entire tracking process changed from a hassle of manual work to an easy and enjoyable experience that uses contactless tracing. All data recorded helped not only Everwalk to know relevant information at all times, but it made the attendees feel taken care of and welcomed.

You don‘t need to struggle, trying to organize everything manually and spending your time decoding someone else‘s handwriting or looking for sheets…

If you need help and are looking for an event tracking software that fits your needs, create a free account now or book a demo, and we‘ll show you how to make your life easier.