Why you need a digital check-in app

What is a digital check-in app?

A digital check-in app is a mobile or web application that makes it easy to keep track of visitors (i.e. people who check-in) inside a physical space. An important purpose of a digital check-in app is to organize and track attendance digitally without requiring a lot of manual labor.

Benefits of tracking check-ins/visits

The first benefit: Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping visitor/check-in data is a good business practice and should be followed by every business operator. During the COVID-19 pandemic many state and local governments require daily visitor documentation for contact tracing. Therefore, it’s important to keep human interactions as documented as possible.

The second benefit: Security

Logging visits inside your physical space adds an increased level of security. Documenting visits allows your staff and security personnel to quickly look back for any suspicious activities. Furthermore, the good practice benefits people inside the space by keeping them secure from intruders.

The third benefit: Analytics

For many businesses owners, managers, and operators it’s important to know how many people visit on a given day, month, quarter, or year. Having analytics sets the table for important business decisions around increasing foot-traffic. Furthermore, identifying the most active customers/visitors based on the number of visits and time on location is an important data point in understanding your customers.

The fourth benefit: Team work

In a team, there may be many stakeholders interested in the check-in process. Once a visitor arrives (e.g customer, member, student, etc) each person may have a different task/job associated with the visitor. Tracking check-ins will help your whole team stay on the same page and work efficiently.

The fifth benefit: Building up your database

Having a customer database is highly valuable to any business. Saving customer names, emails, and phone numbers can tremendously help you with marketing activities, like email and SMS marketing, in the future.

What are some benefits of a digital check-in app?

The first benefit: A systematic process

  • Create a custom check-in process; ask for signatures, photos, and survey answers prior to check-in. Use pre check-in surveys to screen for COVID symptoms.
  • Improve hygiene; Go touch-less/contact-less by generating QR codes that can be scanned by visitors, using this method visitors can check-in on their personal mobile device instead of a shared kiosk.
  • Collect more data; Add an extra step of verification with signature, check-in photo, check-in location, timestamps, and check-in device.

The second benefit: Reduced manual labor

  • Work with clean data; Compared to paper and pencil, you can save time on deciphering illegible handwritings since everything is digital.
  • Improved bookkeeping; Adding, merging, editing, updating, and deleting visitor data or check-in records on a digital check-in app is quite easy.
  • Data storage; Storing and exporting check-in records can be done in a breeze with a digital check-in app. Most digital check-in apps work seamlessly with Excel and CSV formats.

The third benefit: Speed & Analytics

  • Check-in visitors faster with a native mobile app and features like QR codes, self check-in links, and self serve kiosk mode on iPads. Eliminate long line-ups by sharing individual QR passes.
  • Searchable profile database makes it easy to look up contact information and associated data in a few taps or clicks.
  • Access powerful and fast analytics so you can quickly spot attendance trends, download reports, and make decisions with confidence. All of this can be done on a mobile device.

The fourth benefit: Sharing & Team collaboration

  • Keep your data data on the cloud and not chained to a desk. Historical attendance data can be accessed by all of your team members on mobile or desktop. 
  • Set up notifications and alerts for your team members so everyone stays on the same page.

The fifth benefit: Build a database

  • Keep visitor/people information under one roof with profile records.
  • Basic CRM functionality for saving names, emails, phone numbers, and other custom information.
  • Look up recent or past customer activity and aggregate attendance statistics in a snap.

About OneTap

OneTap is a simple and easy to use digital check-in app used by hundreds of small businesses and name brand companies such as the Toronto Raptors (NBA), Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL), Toronto FC (MLS), LA Clippers (NBA), UCLA (University), and more.

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