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How to Create Personalized QR Codes using Google Forms™ for Fast Attendance

Last Update Date: May 24, 2024
create personalized QR codes using Google Forms
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Why QR Codes are Game Changer?

If you’re already using Google Forms to track attendance, you’re on the right track. But did you know about the advanced setup to quickly track your students or visitors without repeatedly letting them type the same field?

This powerful feature allows you to create personalized links for each participant, which can then be converted into unique QR codes. 

Imagine the efficiency—no more manual entries, just a quick scan, and all the details are recorded instantly. 

Suppose you’re organizing a weekly seminar series. Instead of manually checking off each attendee, you can send them a pre-filled Google Form link. Upon arrival, each attendee scans their personalized QR code, and their attendance is logged automatically.

What We'll Cover:

Why QR Codes are a Game-Changer?

Let’s talk about why QR codes are so powerful. You have recurring classes with 100s of students. Instead of having attendees sign in manually, you hand them a badge with a unique QR code. All they need to do is scan it upon arrival, and voila! Their attendance is recorded instantly. It’s quick and easy and drastically reduces the chance of errors.

QR codes provide a modern solution to an age-old problem. They streamline the process, reduce administrative burdens, and improve data accuracy. 

Benefits of Creating Personalized QR Codes for Attendance Tracking

Explore how personalized QR codes can transform attendance management by enhancing efficiency, security, and the overall attendee experience.

Streamlined Check-Ins:

Personalized QR codes allow organizers to assign a distinct code to each attendee, reducing wait times and preventing delays at entry points.

Enhanced Security:

The unique QR codes decrease the risk of unauthorized access and improve data accuracy through automated collection.

Improved Attendee Experience:

Attendees enjoy a smoother and more enjoyable event experience, free from the disruptions of manual check-ins.

Let’s explore how to implement individual QR codes to track attendance effectively.

Step-by-Step Guide to Implementing QR Codes for Each Student

Follow these steps to create a unique Google Forms™ URL for each student and generate a QR code, customizing your attendance process for precision and efficiency.

1. Create Your Google Form™

Start with your base Google Form, including fields for name, identifier, and other attendance data.

2. Get Pre-filled Link

Combining the simplicity of Google Sheets with the power of OneTap results in:
  1. Click the three dots in the top-right corner of the Form editor.

  2. Choose “Get pre-filled link.”
  1. Fill in a sample student’s name (e.g., “John Doe”) or identifier in the appropriate field.

  2. Click “Get Link.”

3. The Magic of the URL

  1. Examine the generated link. Please review that there are additional parameters included in the pre-filled data.

  2. The crucial part is the field name followed by an equals sign and your sample data (e.g., ?entry.736431609=John+Doe

4. Making it Actionable

  1. Share Individually: Send each URL to the corresponding student (Email, learning management system, etc.)

  2. Generate QR Codes: You can easily create a QR code by pasting your URL into any online QR code generator and downloading the result as a PNG file.

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When to Use QR Codes for Attendance Tracking (Use Cases)

Personalized QR codes are incredibly versatile and can significantly enhance attendance tracking in various contexts. Here’s how different groups can benefit from using customized QR codes:


Teachers can streamline attendance tracking and ensure accurate records with personalized QR codes. Each student scans their unique code upon entering the classroom, which can also include emotional check-ins for insights into student well-being.

In a Math class, students scan their personalized QR code when they enter, logging attendance and readiness for the lesson.

Events and Conferences:

Personalized QR codes simplify the check-in process and provide real-time data on attendees. Each attendee’s unique code links to their registration information, making check-ins swift and efficient.

At a conference, attendees scan their QR codes at different sessions to record attendance, helping organizers manage capacity and gather data on session popularity.

Corporate Training Sessions:

In corporate settings, unique QR codes track attendance at training sessions. Each employee scans their unique code at the start and end of each session, ensuring accurate records.

Employees scan their personalized QR codes during a training session to log attendance, with participation data compiled automatically.

Non-Profit Organizations:

Non-profits like health centers and community food programs can efficiently track visitor attendance with personalized QR codes. This reduces wait times and streamlines service delivery, which is particularly beneficial for elderly individuals.

Visitors scan personalized QR code badges at a community food program to access services, avoiding long lines quickly.

Considerations and Challenges of Using Google Forms™ for Individual URLs

Tracking attendance with QR codes is particularly effective for environments with regular or recurring participants, such as school classrooms or employee check-in systems. 

This method is not entirely foolproof against false check-ins, but it significantly reduces the likelihood of someone signing in on behalf of another.

A simple scan streamlines the data collection process and ensures that attendance information is instantly recorded on Google Forms, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

However, if you manage a large group of students or employees, generating a pre-filled Google Form link for each individual and creating separate QR codes can be labor-intensive, even if it’s a one-time setup. 

Additionally, if student data is sensitive, consider using identifiers rather than names to protect privacy. Keep in mind that students can still edit pre-filled data, so ensure this approach aligns with your need for accuracy.

No worries! OneTap has you covered – enhances privacy by using unique identifiers instead of names, protecting sensitive student data. It also prevents the editing of pre-filled data, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of attendance records.

Most importantly, leverage our bulk QR code or barcode generator capabilities to create multiple QR codes or barcodes with just one click.

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How to Create Bulk Individual QR Passes with OneTap Attendance App

If you’re a teacher using Google Forms, you know how tedious it is to manage individual URLs for each student, especially in large classes.

OneTap’s QR Passes simplify the process. Instead of wrestling with Google Forms’ URL customization, OneTap lets you quickly generate personalized QR codes for each student.

Imagine starting your Math class and having each student scan their QR code as they walk in—no more manual entries or missing data—just smooth, efficient attendance tracking.

1. Create Individual Profiles

In OneTap, you can create individual profiles for each student for whom you need to track attendance.

2. Generate Unique QR Codes

  • OneTap automatically generates a unique QR code for each profile you create.

  • These QR codes are associated with the individual’s information stored in the app.

3. Distribute the QR Codes

  • Print or share the unique QR passes with the corresponding individuals.

  • For example, print the QR passes on stickers or cards for students to use for attendance.

  • Student can store their unique QR passes on their phones as photos or in the Apple Wallet.

4. Scan and Check In

  • When an individual scans their unique QR pass on the Kiosk, their profile will show instantly.

  • The app automatically populates their name, class, and other relevant details based on their profile.

5. View Attendance Reports

  •  OneTap provides comprehensive attendance reports, allowing you to track who has checked in quickly and when.

  • You can filter reports by date, class, or individual to clearly understand attendance patterns.

Why Teachers Love OneTap's QR Passes for Attendance

Tracking attendance with Google Forms can be a lot of work, especially with large classes. 

OneTap’s QR Passes simplify this process, allowing you to generate personalized QR codes quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Using OneTap's QR Passes:


Quickly generate QR codes without the tedious task of creating individual URLs.

Efficient Check-ins

Students scan their QR codes as they enter, eliminating manual entries and missing data.

Real-time Reports

Access detailed attendance reports on a single intuitive dashboard to easily monitor and analyze attendance data.


Simplifies the attendance process, making your job easier and more efficient.

The OneTap attendance app helps you save time, reduce errors, and offer a convenient check-in experience by providing a seamless solution for generating personalized QR codes. 

Whether you’re managing attendance for a school, an event, or a business, OneTap’s QR Passes provide a scalable and efficient solution that can revolutionize your attendance tracking process.

Get Started with a Personalized QR Code Today to Allow Each Individual to Check-in Quickly

Google Forms™ can handle QR code attendance tracking, but the OneTap attendance app takes it to the next level.

Switching to OneTap saves time, reduces errors, and enhances the user experience for organizers and attendees.

Say goodbye to manual entries and tedious setups. With OneTap’s QR Passes, everyone checks in quickly and accurately.

Focus on what truly matters—teaching, organizing events, or providing community services. Get started by creating a free account for your next student attendance.

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